What's In A Name?

What's In A Name?

When I first started my online boutique, Catching Daisies, I had no idea what I wanted to name it. I just knew that I wanted the name to be something whimsical, fun, but also meaningful. After a lot of brainstorming, I eventually came up with the perfect name for my store. 

Daisy flowers represent new beginnings, trust, joy, and love. These are all things that I believe in and wanted to reflect in my store. This simple flower reminds us that no matter what happens in life, there is always something beautiful to look forward to. Daisies also represent my children's birth flower, making it an even more personal and meaningful choice for me. 

I also chose this name because it represents my journey as an entrepreneur. Just like catching a wildflower, the journey towards achieving your goal - whether it's a big one or a small one - is often challenging, but it's always worth it in the end. There's something about making progress and seeing your hard work pay off that's truly fulfilling and you get to see your hard work blossom into something beautiful.

Starting my own business has been a long-time dream of mine, and choosing the name "Catching Daisies" has made it all the more special. To me, it represents the start of something new and exciting, and the hope that it will bring joy and beauty to the lives of others.

I put my heart and soul into curating the products and creating a space that feels warm, welcoming, and personal. I want every customer who stops by my online boutique to feel like they are being welcomed into my home, and I hope that my store will be a place that brings comfort and happiness to all who visit.

I hope my story inspires you to chase after your dreams and start creating the life you want for yourself. Remember, it's never too late to start fresh and make things happen. So go out there and catch some daisies!

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